Their lo-fi pop songs have great melodies that are covered with a thick, syrupy distortion that makes them feel badass in a playful way. “Dollface” has a bit of a doo-wop vibe, while “Desert” carries a heavy, buzzy bassline worthy of a White Stripes song, and listening to them makes me want to get me and my friends matching silk jackets with a beheaded doll logo embroidered on the back

– The Nashville Scene Critic’s Picks by Megan Seling

Churchyard played their pop-infused grunge … Co-frontwomen Alice Buchanan and Meghan D’Amico’s airy harmonies were on point, especially on the recent single “Staring at the Sun,” the solos growled a little more, and the rhythm section burned a few degrees hotter. This may be the best Churchyard set we’ve seen yet.

-The Nashville Scene’s review of Churchyard’s set at Mayday Festival 2015

With the release of their demos in November 2013, they are fast approaching the femme fronted Nashville garage rock throne…

– No Country for New Nashville